Treasure X Series 5 Sunken Gold Bottle Smash Single Pack

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Treasure X Series 5 Sunken Gold Bottle Smash Single Pack

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The hunt for real GOLD dipped treasure continues with Treasure X Sunken Gold! What secrets of the deep will be revealed as you break open and unbox? Begin the 10 levels of adventure by smashing open the bottle! Find your map and treasure chest. But wait, there is also a slimy squid inside! Squeeze the squid to save the Treasure Hunter. This season Treasure Hunters are more amazing than ever with different features to find! Search for Ultra-Rare Water Filled figures, Colour Change figures, Water Squirting figures and Snapping Jaw figures! There are 12 Hunters to collect! Time to reveal what is in the chest! What amazing treasure will emerge and float out from the fizzing treasure chest when you drop it in water? Will you find REAL Dipped gold treasure? Recommended for Ages 6+

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Contents include –

1 x Bottle Smash, 1 x Character, 1 x Fizz Tablet, 1 x Map/Collectors Guide, 1 x Slime, 1 x Squid Character, 1 x Treasure and 1 x Treasure Chest

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