The FurReal Poopalots Lil Wags – Assorted

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The FurReal Poopalots Li’l Wags – Assorted

Product Description

What's more fun than walking a pet? Walking a pet that poops!

Just connect the leash, give this cuddly pet a few of their included treats, then take them for a walk.

To get your FurReal pet to walk push it along by its leash and it will move forward. Ready for potty time? Push their tail down to help them poop, then use the small scoop to clean up!

Standing at 8cm tall this cute little pet features a connectible system that allows little pet owners to walk more than one FurReal Poopalots pets at one time! (Each pet sold separately)

Make every one of your child’s playtime a learning experience to be a responsible pet owner when you let them play with the FurReal Poopalots Li’l Wags! Recommended for Ages 4+

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Package includes:

1 FurReal Li’l Wags Pet

6 Treats

1 Leash

1 Handle

1 Scooper

1 Instructions Sheet

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