Sozzy Dog and Cow Wrist Rattle/Feet Finder - Brand New - 4pcs/set


Brand           Sozzy

Style             Dog and Cow

Colour          Multi-Coloured

Material       Polyester & Plush – Non-Toxic and Odourless Materials

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Our cute dog and cow  wrist rattles and feet finders help boost your child’s visual, audio and motor coordination.
Encourage baby to reach and grab, awaken auditory awareness, improves baby’s hand-eye coordination.
A wonderful toy for your baby’s early education. Adorable animal and colourful designs to make the wristbands as cute toys that your little one can play with.
Help babies easily distinguishing between different colours and recognizing faces and noise.
The rattles high contrast colours and patterns also work to stimulate baby’s vision, encourage baby to touch and explore. Made from non-toxic soft material, polyester and plush with Velcro making it easy for you to put on and take off your baby’s wrist. There are little bells inside the rattles and feet finders that will make a sound when baby moves his/her hand and legs. Non-toxic, safe for baby to play.

Each pack contains 1 Dog Wrist Rattle & 1 Dog Feet Finder and 1 Cow Wrist Rattle & 1 Cow Feet Finder. Suitable for Ages 0+

Wrist Rattles – 16.5cm in length – 3cm width
Feet Finder  – 15cm in length – 6cm width


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