ScrunchMiez Series 1 Single Pack – Assorted


Product Features:

ScrunchMeiz magically transform from scrunchie to collectible plush friend!

Wear ScrunchMiez in your hair, on your wrist or use as a backpack clip!

Lots of different characters, colours, patters and fabrics to collect and wear!



ScrunchMiez is an incredibly fun and innovative new twist on the universally loved fashion accessory the “Scrunchie”.

Wear ScrunchMiez in your hair, on your wrist, or use it as a backpack clip! ScrunchMiez TRANSFORMS into ultra-endearing collectible plush friends that you can play with or use as backpack clips. Simply pull the semi-hidden drawstring and watch them transform! Recommended for Ages 3+ years

Price is for single item. Multiple items shown. Each sold separately. Colours and styles may vary from time to time.

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