Rainbocorns Puppycorns Surprise! - Assorted


Scratch n Reveal Heart: Each Puppycorn has a unique Scratch n Reveal heart which shows what your Rainbowcorn loves. Will your Puppycorn love Magic, Coconuts, or maybe even tacos?

7 Surprises to Discover and Unbox: There are so many surprises to find including Boo-Boocorn Pups that are also Key Chains, Scratch n Sniff Stickers and new Puppycorn magic colour mix poop that magically changes colour and stretches over 3000% in size!

Rainbocorns: Rainbocorns are the ultimate surprise egg! Combining mystery unboxing, quirky surprises and cuddly plush, Rainbocorns are sure to be your new best friend! There are so many surprises to find: Boo-Boocorns, reveal hearts and even Rainbocorn Poop. The layers of magic and excitement never ends! There are so many new Rainbocorns hatching from Rainboville – who will you find?

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Omg the Rainbocorns family has expanded! Discover the cutest, cuddliest puppies you will ever meet with Rainbocorns Puppycorn Surprise!

It’s time for unboxing adventure! Kids will love discovering all of the different surprises included in this Puppycorns Surprise, including Boo-Boocorn Puppies, Scratch n Sniff Stickers, and Puppycorn magic colour mix poop that magically changes colour.

There are 7 new breeds to collect including the Dachshund, Pug, Dalmatian, Poodle, Labrador, Husky and the rare Best in Show Bulldog! (Each sold separately) Which Puppycorn will be your new furry best friend? Recommended for Ages 3+ years

Includes: 1 Rainbocorns Puppycorn Surprise toy!


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