Pokemon Throw n Pop Poke Ball Duel Set

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Pokemon Throw n Pop Poke Ball Duel Set

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Get ready to become a Pokemon trainer with this Throw n Pop Duel Pikachu Poke Ball and Cubone Repeat Ball Figure Set. Trainers can prepare for their next battle with this clip-on Poke Balls for easy access and portability. Poke Ball pops open upon impact and the player with the most stars showing on the inside of their Poke Ball wins. Recommended for ages 4+

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Pokemon Trainer – Turn into a Pokemon trainer and challenge your friends to a duel. How strong will your attack be when they launch into action? Additional Poke Ball figures are sold separately

Gotta Catch’em All – Ball pops open with the push of a button or you can toss the Poke Ball onto any hard surface, upon impact it pops open launching the Pokemon figure into battle! Hold one Pokemon character and has a belt clip for easy access and portability

Includes – This set comes with detailed posed and ready for battle 2-inch Pikachu and Cubone Figures, Poke Ball and Repeat Ball with Clip.

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