My Little Pony Rainbow Wings Twilight Sparkle

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My Little Pony Rainbow Wings Twilight Sparkle

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Twilight Sparkle uses her colourful wings to fly above Equestria, spreading the magic of friendship wherever she goes!

Twilight Sparkle represents the Element of Harmony “magic”, and she is an alicorn princess, which is a pony who has both wings and a unicorn horn. Imagine her soaring through the clouds above Equestria with the Rainbow Wings Twilight Sparkle pony figure! This purple pony figure has gorgeous rainbow wings inspired by scenes in entertainment. Push her signature cutie mark to see her unicorn horn and wings light up. Twilight Sparkles wings also flutter while holding and guiding her up and down to pretend she is flying. When her wings flutter, they also light up! She also comes with her signature princess tiara and a comb for styling her purple mane and tail. Suitable for Ages 3+

Contents include

Twilight Sparkle Pony Figure, Comb, Tiara, and Instructions

Requires - 3 x A76 button cell batteries – (Demo batteries included)

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