Mecard Neo Jumbo Mecardimal Figure

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Mecard Neo Jumbo Mecardimal Figure

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Product Description

Mecard is a new head-to-head action battle game based on a popular series!

Now kids can expand their Mecard collections and play out the action in real life with their own Jumbo Mecardimals that they push over "magical" cards to instantly transform their vehicles into fantastical battling warriors

Each Mecardimal has a designated faction colour, just peel off the Mecardimal's sticker to find out which faction your Mecardimal is in. After landing on the card and transforming into a warrior, the Mecardimal holds up the card to display three different point values.

Each player collects the points that correspond with his Mecardimal's faction colour, and the player with the highest card number wins the round.

Choose from two Jumbo Mecardimals, Mecard Neo in blue and Mecard Ex in purple (sold separately). Each Mecardimal is impressive in size and comes with three playing cards. Mecard fans will love the bright, vivid, game-authentic designs and the awesome card-activated transformations of Mecardimals into fierce battling warriors. Your child will spend countless hours engaging in active, competitive play with transforming Mecardimals. Recommended for ages 6+


Drive your Neo Jumbo Mecardimal over the included magical card to trigger his amazing transformation from truck to animal.

Kids can play head to head with their Jumbo Mecardimals, which are also available in the purple version (sold separately)

This set is the blue version of the Jumbo Mecardimal.

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