Marvel Spider-Man Maximum Venom Burst Figure - Single Blind Box

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Marvel Spider-Man Maximum Venom Burst Figure - Single Blind Box

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Squeeze, ooze, surprise! Enter the world of Maximum Venom with this Venom Burst figure. When you squeeze the sides the Venom Burst figure, ooze gushes out, along with a second hidden figure! Find an oozed-filled surprise that is definitely venomized! Outer symbiote figures feature a “venomized” design inspired by Marvel’s Spider-Man animated series on Disney XD and include and include, Venom, Anti-Venom, Carnage, Cap Symbiote, Anti-Venom Groot! Surprise inner characters include – Gamma Hulk, Captain America, Black Spider-Man, Lightning Thor, Groot, Metallic Iron Man, Miles Morales, Red Iron Man, Red Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Astral Doctor Strange, or Mordok. Each sold separately. Each figure also comes in a can that’s perfect for storing ooze. Collect the Venom Burst figures to maximize the “venomized” fun! Recommended for Ages 4+

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Squeeze the Venom Burst figure for an ooze surprise, a hidden figure spits and oozes out of the mouth for an icky (and fun) surprise!

Each Venom Burst figure includes one outer figure, one surprise figure and ooze.

Outer characters feature a dark, villainous design with colours and details inspired by the sinister symbiote in the Marvel Universe, Venom!

In the exciting new 2020 season of the Disney XD series, Venom summons a global threat from his alien world.

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