Little Live Pets OMG Bestie Bag

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Little Live Pets OMG Bestie Bag

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Omg! Have you ever seen a more adorable black and white French Bulldog? Take your new exclusive puppy anywhere in the most stylish handbag around – the Bestie Bag! It has everything your puppy needs, with all the comforts of home in a designer bag! When it is nap time just open the bag and place your puppy on the hammock! When it’s time to snack, pull down the side and feed your puppy on the mat with the bowl and bottle! When you feed your puppy, it’s bottle you will hear it eat, when you have finished, take the bottle out and you will hear a very satisfied puppy! Your OMG pet’s bottle doesn’t just help feed, it will magically tell you if your puppy is a boy or a girl by changing colour when dipped in warm! You will be amazed at how much love your puppy has and how stylish you will look as you hit the city together! Recommended for Ages 5+

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Your OMG Pet is an adorable soft squishy puppy who comes to life in your hands! The Bestie Bag is the perfect “take anywhere” pet home for people who like to travel in style!

Your OMG Pet react to your touch and have over 15 sounds and reactions that bring them to life!

Included in pack – 1 x OMG Pet, 1 x OMG Bestie Bag, 1 x Bowl 1 x Hammock, 1 x Bottle, 1 x Birth Certificate, 1 x Instruction Booklet and 3 x LR44 Batteries

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