Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Shopping Cart

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Kindi Kids Kindi Fun Shopping Cart

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Come inside Rainbow Kindi, a place where every day is about playing and making friends, as the Kindi comes to life! Rainbow Kindi is full of playful friends like me – the Kindi Fun Shopping Cart!

Place one of the Kindi Kids on my back and fill me up with the happiest shopkins around! I am the perfect size for all the Kindi Kids, so they can ride me around Rainbow Kindi! Push me along and see me come to life! I will make you giggle as you see my bunny ears bobble and paws walk!

I come with two Exclusive Shopkins, a cute Apple Shopkin and D’lish Jar of Jam! Ride me over to the Rainbow Kindi’s Supermarket Playmat and zoom me along the pathways! There is so much to do and check out! Come and share a cart load of cuteness to discover the wonderful world of Kindi Kids. Recommended for Ages 3+

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Contents include -

1 x Shopping Cart

1 x Apple Shopkin

1 x Jam Shopkin

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