Kindi Kids Accessory Pack – Backpack

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Kindi Kids Accessory Pack – Backpack

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Come inside Rainbow Kindi, a place where every day is about playing and making friends, in a magical Kindergarten that comes to life!

The Kindi Kids are the cutest Pre-Schoolers around. These adorable little girls are full of fun, play and they love attending Rainbow Kindi. There are lots of adventures to be had with your Kindi Kid, you can fill up their lunch box or backpack, so your Kindi Kid is ready for a big day of playing at Rainbow Kindi. Join their adventures exploring their Rainbow Kindi. They can’t wait to have a magical day with you!

More Product Information

Hi! I’m the Kindi Kids Fun Owl Petkin Backpack! Open my cute little Petkin Owl face so that you can pack me for a day of fun on the go at the Rainbow Kindi! I fit perfectly on the back of any Kindi Kid and I come with some very playful Shopkins: a pack of Peek -A-Boo Crayons with an opening lid so you can take a peek inside, a star shaped, Clip-on-Bag Tag Shopkin that you can place on the side of me, and a “Magic” Juice Sippy Cup!

See the Kindi Kids drink from the juice Sippy Cup! Hold it up to the Kindi Kid’s mouth, tip the Sippy Cup and watch the juice magically disappear as the Kindi Kids drink! I even have a cup holder on the side of me so I can carry the Sippy Cup. Suitable for ages 3+


1 x Backpack

1 x Name tag

1 x Pack of Crayons

1 x Juice Sippy Cup

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