JoJo Siwa Licensed Glitter Diary Activity Set

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JoJo Siwa Licensed Glitter Diary Activity Set

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JoJo Siwa Licensed Glitter Diary Activity Set where you can record and lock away all your private thoughts, wishes and creative ideas. When you record your secret thoughts in this individually designed diary, you’ll want to be able to lock them away where nobody can see them. This special diary comes with a mini padlock that you can attach to your diary so nobody can open it and read what you have written.

Learning how to express your thoughts and feelings is an important part of growing up, and this personalised diary is the perfect place for your child to write down all their special dreams and ideas. When you share your most private and inner thoughts, you want to write them down in a special place like no other.

Now you can make your own personalised diary, bedazzled with special glitter and stickers. This set comes with glitter glue, a stamper and stickers that you can add to the cover or inside your diary as you write on each page. You’re limited only by your imagination! Also included is a holographic sticker, ink pad, scissors and a pink fuzzy pen. Makes the perfect gift for dedicated diary keepers aged 3 years and up.

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Package size 39cm x 39.5cm x 4cm

Included in this Set –

Hard cover Diary with Lock and 2 x Keys, 50 awesome Stickers, 2 x Tubes of Glitter Glue, Stamp, Ink Pad, Holographic Sticker, Scissors and a Fuzzy Pen

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