Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp “n” Slime Goo Drop

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Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp “n” Slime Goo Drop

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The Goo Goo Galaxy Babies is a line of alien babies with goo-filled bodies that are paired with a special DIY slime activity for little alien lovers! Each alien baby has a squeezable, soft belly and comes packaged in a spaceship-like container that just landed mysteriously on the planet. 

Say hello to Bowie Beamheart! This adorable Goo Drop has just landed on Earth in her Planet-Ship and her belly is ready to be filled with some fresh DIY Star Goo! Open up her cute little ship to find Bowie's "Inter-GOO-lactic Passport" that contains everything you need to know about her along with otherworldly Glitter Fills, Slime Sachets and other Cosmic Accessories to make your customised Star Goo for Bowie's filling. This alien baby's belly is squishy and when squeezed, you can watch her do a "Comet Vomit" by spitting the Star Goo with added Candy Comet through her mouth! Refill her constantly by using the Regoovinator so she never runs out of the fascinating Star Goo. Bowie's belly is also see-through so you can see her glittery galaxy moving around inside! There are enough out-of-this-world ingredients to make 2 servings of different customised Star Goo for Bowie. Collect other Goo Goo Galaxy Babies to see all of them together (each sold separately) Suitable for Ages 4+

Pack Includes

1 x Large Goo Drop Bowie Beamhearts Doll, 1 x Candy Comet, 1 x Goo Drop Stand, 1 x Bowl, 1 x Whisk, 1 x Regoovinator, 5 x Glitter Fills, 2 x Slime Sachets, 1 x Passport, 1 x Glitter Seal Sheet

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