Gobsmax – 5 Pack with Launcher and Collector Poster

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Gobsmax – 5 Pack with Launcher & Collector Poster

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Kids can be bored of the same old toy but not with GobSmax. Gobsmax are collectable, playable ball shaped characters that are all mouth and attitude. When they land the right way, their mouths pop open revealing their fun mouthy features including teeth, wobbly tongues, and game scores. Full of crash derby action, each Gobsmax team competes in obstacle course style tournaments, with adventurous props, death defying obstacles and the most challenging of terrain. It's a gutsy, grit-your-teeth adventure with jaw dropping action! They might only be 4.5cm high but they pack a lot of fun into playtime. With over 100 Gobsmax characters to collect, Gobsmax includes common, rare, max rare and special editions. Start your collection now! These fun action-packed figures encourage interactive play and help to develop hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. Recommended for ages 5+

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Gobsmax Series 1 Pack of 5

Pack contains 5 Gobsmax Characters, Launcher and Collector Poster

Size and Measurements

Gobsmax are 4.5cm Diameter

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