Bush Baby World – Shimmie Lady Lexi

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Bush Baby World – Shimmie Lady Lexi

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Take a trip to Bush Baby World a magical place where dreams are made and home to the cute and mischievous Bush Babies. Within this magical world there is a special place called Shimmer Mountain where the Shimmie Bush Babies live with Princess Melina in her Royal Palace. Lady Lexi comes presented in an open display box complete with a 'TRY ME' function. With their sparkling eyes, glittery fur and paws, and colourful quiffs of hair, the Shimmies come complete with a comb so that you can keep them well groomed. Position your finger into the back of the toy to bring the Bush Baby to life! Wiggle my Eyes and Waggle my Ears for interactive play that sparks your imagination! Ages 4+


Lady Lexi Height – 17cm

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