Becalm Baby Teething Mitten

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Becalm Baby Teething Mitten

Product Description

Teething babies no longer need to travel far to find something to chew on with our Teething Mitten. Your baby will love the Becalm Baby Teething Mitten! It’s cute, innovative and fits over baby’s hand allowing them to self-soothe their itchy, irritated gums.  The silicone teething part of the mitten can be placed in ice to cool it down, perfect for instant gum relief.

This clever little teething mitten is made from flexible silicone for soft chew factor so there’s no more chapped, sore fingers!  It fits neatly over baby’s hands and attaches securely with a Velcro strap, this prevents the teething mitten from hitting the floor. This teething glove is perfect for out and about activities.  The Becalm Teething Mitt Hand is a self-soothing easy reach teether for babies and hands-free for parents. The mitten has an adjustable Velcro strap to ensure that it stays on with a comfortable fit. Can be used on left or right hand. The Velcro strap can also be used to secure the Becalm Teething Mitt, to other teething toys, car seat or stroller for added use and entertainment.

With a colourful, patterned design it stimulates babies while keeping hands happy and comes with a handy wash bag for easy machine washing.

Cloud shaped teether made from 100% food grade silicone, perfectly designed to fit your baby’s mouth shape and it is designed to be soft on your baby’s gums. Protects hands from becoming chapped from excess chewing and saliva.

Designed in Australia by Becalm Baby Products Pty Ltd.

More Product Information

Becalm Baby Teething Mitt comes in 3 colours, Pink, Blue & Teal

Ideally suitable for babies between 3 and 12 months old.

The Becalm Baby teething mitten has exceeded all safety testing AS/NZS 8124.

Can be washed to 30 degrees and comes with a wash/travel bag.

Product Care

Warm Wash in the machine, no more than 30 degrees in the washing bag, sterilising with Milton (from Woolworths) is also a great method of washing, please ensure all soap powder and Milton is thoroughly rinsed away and dry properly.  If you notice any damage discard of product.

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