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Dribble and Chew 2 in 1 Teething Bib

If you have a teething baby at home, you will know that it is not a fun time. Not only can they be grumpy and constantly looking for something to put in their mouth, they also dribble, often soaking their clothes!

Your baby will love chewing on the soft durable silicone attachment to soothe their irritable gums, and they will enjoy playing with the texture of the teether too. You will love the super absorbent material that will keep your baby dry and you will have peace of mind knowing there will be no more teething toys dropped on the floor.

The texture of the tab has been expertly designed so that your baby will get relief during by chewing on the teether, easing those irritable gums as well as aiding your little one’s teeth to break through.  The teething tab (and the teething bib) has been tested to the strict Australian Safety Standards and so it is 100% safe to chew on.

With its 3 layers of 100% cotton the dribble and chew teething bibs are ideal for droolers.  Drool and teething go hand in hand, and often the drool can cause skin irritation if clothes become damp.  This is where this teething bib steps in, it catches all the drool and absorbs it, rather than soaking through onto baby’s clothes.

The style can be pattern or plain. The teething bib is reversible, we offer one side with a pattern and one plain side.  Our colours are vibrant, and eye catching and will go with just about anything.  If baby makes a mess of one side, it can be flipped over to the other side ta dah, your baby still looks cute and trendy and can carry on Teething in Style.

Our vibrant patterns and modern designs will catch the eye and are reversible to mix and match with any outfit for the littlest fashionistas.

Becalm Baby teething bibs are the ultimate in teething accessories and the perfect solution to make teething time less stressful on both babies and parents.

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